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Parkeee for Parking Lots

Parkeee provides an online platform for businesses like your gas station to enhance their online presence. With our latest release, gas station managers get the option to update real-time gas prices, daily deals, amenities, and more on their Parkeee dashboard. Maintaining your online Parkeee profile will make your business visible to thousands of Parkeee customers in your neighborhood. Claim your business profile today, and let Parkeee help you increase your profits.

how to become a provider

With thousands of Parkeee drivers in your neighborhood, the sooner you get started on Parkeee, the better. First and foremost, complete your Parkeee profile, and start updating your real time Gas Price. As you're updating, here are 3 quick tips for grabbing the attention of thousands of drivers in your area:


Create an
eye-catching Profile
Great Profile = Great Business


everyday deals
Great Deals = Great Profit


Introduce yourself
as Parkeee Affiliate
Great Exposure = Great Revenue


Just so you know, as a new provider, you are eligible for 2 MONTHS FREE TRIAL with Parkeee. In fact, if you are not satisfied with Parkeee for any reason, you may elect to cancel out of our service at any time.
No monthly or annual contract required.