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Parkeee.org is the charitable arm of Parkeee, intended to fund and inspire worthwhile endeavours around the world. We are contacting charities that share our ethos of sustainability, education, and health and wellness. We are aligning ourselves with companies in various fields that we feel are making a significant difference in the human condition.


carbon emissions

It might seem contradictory, since we are a car care company, that we are also an organization that cares very much about the environment, and giving back to the community. But that concept is at the very core of Parkeee.Org.

We fully understand that cars emit carbon compounds that contribute to pollution and global warming. We considered this very carefully when we decided to form this company. However, at this moment in time, gas-consuming vehicles are very much a reality, and it may be 10-20 years before we see a significant transition to electric vehic les and alternative fuels that do not pollute the environment, or greatly reduce harmful emissions.

Profits for Charities

Having said that, we realized that a great deal of money could be made servicing the needs of your car. Again, that might seem contradictory to our goals, but that is exactly what we need to accomplish our charitable mission.

Until there comes a point where vehicles do not use fossil fuels, companies that produce petroleum products will continue to earn billions of dollars a year. We wanted to connect ourselves with an industry where the profits were significant, so that we might become a charitable force.

What Can Parkeee.Org Do?

How will Parkeee.Org fund itself?

We plan on donating 10% of our yearly profits to charities that we have chosen to share our dream. We welcome Fortune 500 companies to contribute to our global mission.

Our Immediate Plan

When we were doing our research, we were staggered by the amount of carbon emissions that are produced by a single vehicle in one year. We realized that the only logical way to combat this statistic was to use nature. In that vein, it is the goal of Parkeee.Org to plant as many as 10,000 trees in it's first year of operation. We are scaling that number up, and plan to continue to plant trees across the country.

Our Global Reach

We are also taking a more global approach. Throughout Third World countries, there is a serious need for clean drinking water. Diseases such as cholera, dysentery, along with illness and death from e.coli, could be prevented through the drilling of clean-water wells and purification procedures. We will accomplish this through our collaboration with Water Charity organizations. There belief, that "Water Changes Everything," is something we are fully invested in.

Parkeee.Org Volunteer Program

We are very excited to sponsor The Parkeee.Org World Initiative, which will enable youngster world-wide to volunteer to help on any of our charitable projects. Youngster between 18-25 will be able to choose a project to work on, and Parkeee.Org will provide a two week, expense-paid opportunity for them. Of course, anyone of age who wishes can donate their time to a charitable cause they choose.