Parkeee is a privately held company, consisting of a team of award-winning software developers and seasoned business professionals. Established in 2013, our goal is to provide 360 degree care for your car through designer apps and customer satisfaction programs.

No company can exist without passion and commitment to its customers and employees. I am extremely proud and excited to present PARKEEE to the world, and I am deeply humbled that I have been given the resources to make this company a reality.

- Parvesh Grover


about company

As a founder of Swatico IT Solutions, Mr. Grover realized the importance of a cohesive structure in an industry that was fractured and under-served. Parkeee was established as a solution to the universal issue of total car care. Mr. Grover understood that people were having difficulty with some necessary, everyday vehicle costs. By establishing relationships with gas station owners, Mr. Grover was able to institute a program whereby Parkeee customers could locate the nearest station with Real-Time lowest gas prices. The Parkeee app can also alert users to exclusive daily deals, and provides additional services, such as Meter and E-Services and Car Finder.

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